If You Want to Lead, You Must Serve

Steve Martindale
Steve Martindale

Many successful leaders throughout history have applied the philosophy, “To lead, you must serve.” At Nperspective, our CFOs are leaders who understand and live this principle by serving businesses and their strategic advisors.


Nperspective CFOs serve businesses of all sizes and in all stages of their life cycles. Often the businesses we work with are beyond the startup phase and are taking steps to grow. For many of these companies, obtaining outside financing proves to be challenging. We help our client companies prepare for financing and thereby remove the barriers to long-term growth.

Business Owners

We serve business owners by helping them to understand and manage three important areas of their business: cash flow, business risk, and scalable growth. We work with business owners to provide solutions to address these areas. Regardless of each company’s size, we work closely with the owner(s) to develop a plan for growth.

Management Teams

We provide expert CFO support to the management team of small and medium-sized businesses, by becoming part of the team and focusing on critical business systems. We guide the process with our clients and their trusted financial advisors, assessing the financial health of their business.

Strategic Partners

Nperspective CFOs also serve strategic partners by addressing our shared clients’ unique financial needs from a CFO perspective. No one is better positioned inside a company than a CFO to develop the structure needed to help CEOs think and act strategically. Our processes help clients of our strategic partners to clarify priorities and use their resources efficiently. Rather than competing with a company’s other financial strategic partners, including outside CPAs, bankers, or internal accountants, Nperspective CFOs partner with them.

We partner with strategic advisors to help businesses that may be dealing with cash flow issues, difficulty getting loans approved, lack of timely and/or accurate financial statements, growth struggles, transition or succession. We collaborate with attorneys, bankers, CPAs, and other financial professionals to address client needs and boost financial efficiency. We help maximize internal cash flow from operations, which provides financing for day-to-day activities. When businesses operate efficiently, they become healthier and can better leverage partnerships with their trusted advisors.

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