CFO Insights

Do your financial statements accomplish your business purposes?

Do your financial statements accomplish your business purposes? John Jones owns and operates a successful supply business historically generating about $8 million in annual revenue. However, the supply chain issues arising from COVID-19 put a large dent in 2020/2021 sales due to product availability. After much research, John located a […]

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Labor Constraints, Supply Chain Disruption, and Rising Inflation

Along with the human life and health consequences of the COVID pandemic, the above three undesirable conditions have become COVID-associated legacies for business operators. There is correlation and intertwined causation amongst these. Labor availability effects were the first to appear, initially and unsurprisingly, due to the virus itself reducing hours […]

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There’s More to a Good Business than Sales

Analyzing business data

Any successful business is sales-driven. At Nperspective, we’ve come across numerous fast-growing businesses guided forward by a driven entrepreneur that serves as the company’s chief salesperson. It’s not uncommon to see a business with a tremendous amount of sales, only to see much of the cash inflows wasted on poor […]

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Managing Costs of Supply Chain Disruptions

Supply Chain

Supply chain issues have been dominating the news for several months. Offshore products and supplies have been backlogged and so have their entry into many of the major US ports.  In addition to these backlogs, there are delays in shipping goods from US ports to customers. The backlog and delays […]

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Raising Capital to Fund Growth

Time is money

You have started your business and things are ramping up with opportunities to grow your company and take it to the next level. This will often come with a need to raise capital to fund expected growth. Typically, an early-stage company has used either self-generated funds (bootstrapping) or has secured […]

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Working Capital Management: A Shared Responsibility

Finances and budgeting, businessman stacking coins

Everyone talks about cash and how much cash matters.  “Cash is King” … “Cash is Everything” … We’ve all heard this before.  Over the last 18 months, because of the pandemic, cash collection has been at an even greater premium as businesses have struggled to pay and collect.  Numerous articles […]

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Business Exit Strategies 101

exit planning

A quick guide for the potential sale or succession of your business. Every day business owners are making the decision to exit their businesses.  This is usually the event that has the greatest financial impact in their lifetime (although most of us swear it is having children).   Unfortunately, many owners […]

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Understanding Earnings Quality

Business professionals at work

Net Income is one of the most important pieces of financial information reported by companies, often referred to simply as “earnings.”  Earnings are a primary metric used to value a company which is why stock prices are very sensitive to earnings surprises.  However, earnings, like most other line items on […]

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CFOs: What We Bring to the Table

Mature businessman reading through documents at an office desk

A CFO is responsible for far more than Finance and Accounting.  We’re responsible for the overall financial health and well-being of every department in an organization including, but not limited to, treasury duties, forecasting, budget preparation/review, contract negotiation, and so much more. For example, when the production floor needs a […]

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Your Business Plan during the 2020s in a Changed Post-Covid-19 World

two professionals wearing masks

As vaccine distribution increases and most Americans can be vaccinated by May of 2021, most states are on the pathway to a ‘new normal’ for society and businesses. Your most important responsibilities as a leader of your company are to evaluate your organization and how it must change going forward, determine how to adjust your strategic plan, and clarify what recovery is for your business.

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