CFO Insights

Staying Relevant: The Relationship between the CEO and CFO

two executives talking

Organizations can have very complex structures where the Company’s policies and politics affect employees with their individual personalities in various roles, which can make the environment complicated and dynamic. All relationships in an organization are important, but perhaps the most important and dynamic is the relationship between the Chief Executive […]

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Time to Review Your Advisors

Businessman target for success

All business owners and leaders should have a trusted group of service providers/advisors.  This is especially important for the small to mid-size business owners who generally don’t have such professionals on staff.  A support team that includes bankers, tax professionals/CPAs, business attorneys, insurance agents, IT support, etc. are vital to […]

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4 Big Lessons Learned in 2020!

2020 was a year of challenges and change for CFOs and their companies. Through it all, you persevered – and learned a lot of important lessons along the way.  From remote work and digital transformation to personnel changes and reallocated budgets, your business worked hard to adapt to new processes […]

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COVID-19 is Accelerating the Move to Digital Transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing businesses to reconfigure offices and factories to allow for social distancing among employees, rethinking guidelines about working from home, refinancing debt, conserving cash, and controlling costs.  Another “lesson being learned” is the strong push by businesses to accelerate digital transformation. What is Digital Transformation? Digital […]

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Cash(flow) Is King

cash flow is king

Cash flow analysis, forecasting, and management are essential to operating a successful company. Internal cash flow, or cash flow from operations, is one of the most important financial factors in a business. It is critical for business owners to understand cash flow, and how it differs from net income so […]

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Business Blind Spots – Find Them and Fix Them

Business Blind Spots

What questions should you be asking yourself to help identify blind spots that could be impacting the growth of your business? This list of questions hit my radar while reading an article in Inc. magazine a couple of years back and now seems a perfect time in our business climate […]

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COVID-19: Managing Risk


We’re in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic, and uncertainty has never been greater.  Each week, and sometimes each day, presents a new challenge, and some of those challenges present issues that we may not be prepared to face.  But we persevere.  It’s been five months since the wave of […]

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Staffing Thoughts Post-Quarantine

Businessman In Office Using Social Media

As we are all getting back to work, many businesses are beginning to examine their processes and procedures to see how to blend the efficiencies of what we learned during the quarantine with the way we used to do things with departments full of people milling around our offices every […]

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