Business & Strategic Planning

How to Position Your Business for Significant Growth

Finances and budgeting, businessman stacking coins

Most small business owners follow a proven path of success by managing everything in their business. Specifically, they manage sales, marketing, business operations, human resources, and oversee the accounting and finance departments. Why? To keep costs down and maintain control over the business. Eventually, the business employs 15 to 30 […]

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Owner-Driven vs. Systems-Driven Business

CFO typing on computer

This month we’re going to discuss what it means to be an Owner-Driven business, how and why it occurs and the relative merits and challenges. We’ll then look at what it means to be Systems-Driven and compare and contrast. Owner-Driven When a business launches, the owner will work the most hours, […]

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The Importance of Strategic Planning

chess board game concept for competition and strategy

Successful business owners, executives and managers realize the importance of strategic planning. They know that an organization’s process of defining its direction, and making decisions on allocating time, talent, effort and finances to follow this approach is key to its ongoing growth. But what they may not have considered is how an outsider can […]

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The CFO as a Business Partner

Business partners discussing contract

The role of Finance departments and specifically CFOs in companies large and small is evolving. Based on my extensive experience with corporations across Latin America and the US, in this article I will look at the role of a modern CFO. In today’s business environment, Boards of Directors and CEOs […]

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