Identify the DNA of Your Business

Blind spots exist in every business. Discover yours.

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Most business leaders can tell you what is happening, but not why.

Let’s face it, every business has blind spots. But that's not the problem. The problem is not doing anything about it. You can sit around waiting to discover the problem, or you can do something about it.

Too often, operational and behavioral data has been impossible to qualify or apply, making it costly in time and labor to interpret. But without it, we rely on historical metrics to create strategic plans. Thus, leaving strategic plans built on gut feeling and annual retreats.

So, we created a tool that captures this data and delivers it in a professional way. This is not a personality assessment. The results describe the business, not the respondent.

Plus, it only takes 2 minutes. Identify the core characteristics of your business today!

Looking to drive impact in your business?
Understand root cause, not just symptoms.

Business Identity Assessment

Every business has an identity. What’s yours?

Business Identity reveals your company’s natural aptitudes, predispositions, and potential growth anchors. While personality assessments can tell you things about your team members, we built Business Identity to reveal insights about the company itself.

The Business Identity Assessment will focus on four core areas.

1. Strategy

    What is our purpose in the market?

2. Implementation

    How do we approach challenges?

3. Resource Allocation

    How do we prioritize needs?

4. People

    What do we expect from our team?

Looking to drive impact in your business? Understand root cause, not just symptoms.

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