Meet The Team

Vladimir Gonzalez


“Faith, perseverance, timing, and the way you treat people will take you further than any college degree.”


That is a bold affirmation for a man who considers education to be the foundation of his successful career. But VLADIMIR GONZALEZ embodies this statement every day, bringing scholarship, experience, and wisdom to all his endeavors.


Throughout his career Vladimir has strived to be an innovator, looking for opportunities to improve or revamp existing systems for greater efficiency and maximum yield. A naturally gifted observer, Vladimir identified wasteful practices and leveraged regular costs, reducing yearly expenses, and maximizing revenues.


A lifelong learner, in 2007 Vladimir received his Bachelor of Science in Accounting and followed up with an MBA in 2015. He continues to acquire accounting certifications such as the Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor (CM&AA), Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional (CCIFP), and is a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and a commissioned Florida Notary. Currently he is interested in exploring the field of mergers and acquisitions. “I want to focus on creating freedom by working smarter, not harder. I appreciate the versatility of accounting, and how I have been able to investigate different industries while applying my skills and expertise to those businesses.”


Having worked for a golf academy had its perks, and Vladimir has considerably improved his skills on the Golf course, although he continues to work on perfecting his back swing. A dedicated family man, he has a deep appreciation for his wife’s sense of humor and the way that their partnership inspires their children to be responsible, kind, and tolerant of others. “I try to better myself in some way every day, and I encourage my family to do the same. I remind them that there is a season for everything, and that the effort they invest now will pay dividends in the future.”