Meet The Team

Eric Ospina

Principal, CFO

Eric is a results-oriented C-Level executive with a long-standing career in leading national and multinational businesses as CFO, COO and CEO, recognized for bold visionary initiatives, an ability to recruit / develop / maintain peak performing teams, and a keen and detailed understanding of the financial function’s interrelation with business operations, strategy and risk mitigation. Tri-lingual, Mr. Ospina has worked in all countries in Latin America creating a cultural bridge between US outbound and US inbound multinational companies and now brings his 30+ years’ experience to Nperspective clients with a focus in the South Florida market.


Eric is a strategist that can dial in board level thinking to concrete executable step-by-step plans relevant and understandable to all levels of companies and management such as:


• Budgets / forecasts with an emphasis on rolling forecasts that assist with expectation management at all levels of an organization.


• Capital allocation and working capital management – establishing a balanced relationship between Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) to ensure that all levels of management (Sales / Legal / Operations) understand their contribution to this key business process.


• Strategic procurement – helping businesses segment their vendors into mission-critical / important / non-mission-critical and using leverage to drive cost savings.


• Cost reduction strategies including

Organizational HR cost analysis (Spans and Layers)

Analysis of supply chain

Space allocation

Analysis of communication costs


Mr. Ospina has a wealth of experience in M&A, leading acquisitions and disposals both in the US and abroad.  His expertise is most relevant in the integration of acquired companies and normalization / rationalization after the disposal of companies where, often times, value is lost. 


Mr. Ospina is a well-connected South Florida resident that has formed key relationships with leaders in the South Florida investment banking, legal, accounting and other business professions which can be leveraged to assist Nperspective clients in the development of their business plans in areas ranging from raising capital to acquisitions and disposals and anywhere in between.