Meet The Team

Aaron Fair


Aaron is a seasoned executive with 25+ years of experience building, scaling and managing growth in early stage private and more mature publicly held companies across Silicon Valley and Florida.  Mr. Fair has held leadership positions at industry bellwethers Verizon and PeopleSoft (where he navigated mergers at both), managed blistering growth and scale at enterprise SaaS powerhouse, and was an integral leader in building and scaling CRM upstart Zendesk into a public company and SaaS market leader.  While at SFDC Aaron was credited with delivering +/-0.5% forecast accuracy of the company’s revenue for 16 consecutive quarters, driving highly predictable results and value as the company scaled from $500M to $3B.  Having served as CEO/CFO of his own venture, he intimately understands and appreciates the challenges entrepreneurs face planning, executing and scaling businesses for growth and long-term success within a continuum of change, shifting market conditions and competitive pressures.


Mr. Fair’s core expertise is in business planning, forecasting and predictive analytics (with focus on recurring revenue), while his broad skill-set spans such areas as GTM (go-to-market) strategy, sales strategy/operations, TAM (Total Addressable Market) assessment and enterprise valuation.  Crafting business plan documents and pro-formas for start-ups seeking planning/operational rigor and/or clients looking to raise capital, is another of Aaron’s core strengths.  An accomplished team builder, Aaron possesses the proven ability to hire, grow and retain talented and versatile high performers, having advised clients on cultivating top-flight teams.  The hallmark of Mr. Fair’s success has been his ability to establish himself as a trusted advisor in the C-suite and negotiate effectively across functions to accomplish organization-wide goals and objectives.  Aaron leads with an optimistic, hands-on, can-do mindset, never losing sight of the forest for the trees, while keeping his focus on driving value and growth for his clients and partners.


Mr. Fair holds a BS in Finance from Florida State University and an MBA with concentration in Entrepreneurship from the University of South Florida in Tampa.  Aaron recently returned to South Florida with his wife and two children following a 20-year run in Northern California, and now calls Jupiter home.