Government and Defense Contracting

We can help you navigate the complex maze of government & defense contracting compliance

Achieve DCAA Audit Compliance

Leverage Nperspective’s expertise in developing accounting systems to achieve compliance with the Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements.

Turn-Key Solutions

Nperspective designs and implements accounting, estimating, forecasting systems from scratch, allowing us to provide complete turn-key solutions for our government contractors.

Ex-DCAA Auditor on Staff

Nperspective is fortunate to have an Ex-DCAA Auditor on staff with over 30 years of experience working on both sides of the fence.


What's on Your Mind?

Nperspective is fortunate to have an Ex-DCAA Auditor on staff with over 30 years of experience working on both sides of the fence. Our unique expertise enables us to perform Pre-Audit reviews to make sure all accounting systems are updated prior to a DCAA or DCMA audit in an effort to avoid punitive actions 

Stressed business executive and piles of paperwork

CFO Services for Government Contractors

The consequences of non-compliance with government projects is serious and can have a lasting impact on your business. Nperspective’s experienced staff will help to ensure that your accounting and operating processes are fully compliant.  

Pre-Audit Compliance

Nperspective will update clients’ current accounting systems with “Pre-Audit Compliance Reviews”, so their systems may be updated prior to the inevitable DCAA or DCMA audits.

DCAA Compliant Pricing Proposals

Work with a former DCAA auditor to help you win the bid by ensuring your pricing proposals & accounting is DCAA compliant.

Government Contract Compliance

Nperspective offers a full suite of services to support government contractors. We help you meet your business objectives and comply with all government regulations.

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We Understand Your Challenges

Nperspective has supported a number of clients whose primary business is based in government contracting either directly or indirectly with the U.S. Department of Defense. These clients understand the importance of compliance with the requirements of the Defense Contracting Audit Agency (DCAA) and have utilized Nperspective’s expertise in developing accounting systems to achieve DCAA audit compliance. Our expertise runs deep.

Nperspective has an extremely high success rate with DCAA audit compliance for its client companies. While the firm is not able to guarantee audit success, the firm’s track record in this arena has been exemplary.

How to Get Started

Schedule a Free Consultation

We listen to you and take the time to learn about your business and your current challenges so that we can share how we can add value.

Engage With a Government Compliance Expert

We'll engage with your business team and gather information to formulate a custom strategy to achieve your goals.

Follow Through with

Our partners will help you turn strategy into action by taking the necessary steps to move your business forward.

Are you facing an upcoming DCAA or DMCA audit?

Our on-staff ex-DCAA Auditor can help!

Government & Defense Contracting Support Nearby

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Serving hundreds of businesses for over 15 years, we know and understand the challenges faced by business owners and can provide expert advice across a variety of financial functional disciplines to help your company achieve its financial and strategic goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Government contractors are subject to a wide range of unique and sometimes onerous accounting regulations that other industries simply do not encounter. Unless an “adequate accounting system” is in place, a contractor can be faced with enormous difficulties, not the least of which is the fact that they may be prohibited from proposing on future government contracts. Government contractors are also unique because they are all at risk of being audited by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA), whether they are a prime contractor or a subcontractor.


Nperspective experts help design government contractor accounting systems to be compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and to take advantage of all the allowable reimbursements due under government contracts.

Our Government/Defense Contracting practice includes CFOs with experience on “both sides of the fence”. Our team members include a former DCAA Auditor, a former CEO and a former CFO who have direct, in-depth experience in this space, from start-ups to well established Defense Contractors.  Many firms have one set of these critical experience attributes and some may have two, but very, very few have all three. This gives us the ability to analyze your business from the top down for compliance issues and analyze your business from the ground up for profitability issues. These are very unique, powerful, industry-specific tools that are available to help our clients become compliant and more profitable.

– Design, implement and manage your DCAA-compliant job costing and accounting systems


– Evaluation of internal controls and accounting policies and procedures, design and implementation of internal control systems


– Evaluation of indirect rate structures


– Audit preparation and support, including DCAA audits


– Accounting system audits


– Time-keeping audits


– Incurred cost audits


-Pre-award and Post-award audits


– Design and implementation of job costing and bidding models and systems including work in process reporting


– Analysis assistance with bank financing applications, cash flow, projections and analyses related to debt restructure


– Financial analysis, including gross margin, job costing, bidding procedures and results of cost overruns, change orders, overhead allocations and warranty costs


– Cost control of workers compensation and other insurance issues


– Oversight and training of existing accounting personnel


– Technology support, including systems needs and analysis, implementation, and training


– Interim CFO and Controller support including recruiting and hiring of new personnel

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